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  • By registering on this website, you agree to the following terms & conditions by COCONUTINDIA.
  • Every user agrees to receive various products as samples from manufacturers from time to time, with or without his/her consent.
  • Only the products listed on the COCONUTINDIA website can be ordered.
  • One product can only be sampled once by the user.
  • The stock for each of the product is limited and is available on "First Come First Serve" Basis.
  • COCONUTINDIA may deploy a monthly limit on number of samples that can be ordered from time to time as it may require. Currently, the weekly limit per user is 1 sample and it is irrespective of approval or rejection of sample order.
  • COCONUTINDIA might send you promotional emails & product samples based on your interest shown on our website.
  • COCONUTINDIA will not be responsible for any delays or non-delivery of product samples because of any logistics or other reasons.
  • COCONUTINDIA does not take any responsibility for any physical or other damages, side effects resulting out of using the samples ordered from COCONUTINDIA . Users are advised to check expiry date of perishable items before using it. Users are also requested to go through the product usage instructions if provided on the product pack to avoid any unwanted results.
  • The information provided on the website about products has been taken from various web resources including brands’ websites, users are expected to enquire and know more about products on their own before ordering the sample.
  • COCONUTINDIA is not responsible for non-functioning of any outside links (other websites) which it might have linked to.
  • Users agree to receive promotional mails from COCONUTINDIA in both electronic & physical format.
  • COCONUTINDIA does not provide any replacement & re-ordering facility if product samples do not reach the users in usable condition.
  • If address given by the users falls under an area which we do not cover, COCONUTINDIA will not be able to deliver samples.
  • The images of products & description of products have been acquired via multiple web sources and therefore, is not a property of COCONUTINDIA.
  • COCONUTINDIA reserves the right to change terms & conditions of the website without any prior notice to users.
  • COCONUTINDIA reserves the right to reject an order without any notice to user, without giving any explanation whatsoever.
  • COCONUTINDIA will not be responsible for any claims given in any product description as these are not products of COCONUTINDIA. User can not hold COCONUTINDIA responsible for any false claims by the manufacturers.
  • We do not take any responsibility in case the courier company/delivery person/manufacturer does not respond appropriately.
  • COCONUTINDIA reserves the right to delete accounts of users creating multiple accounts.
  • COCONUTINDIA reserves all rights to use any Contest entries to be posted on COCONUTINDIA's Facebook page.
  • If a user wants to delete his/her account, he/she will have to request for it by writing an email to

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